It is Time To Start Your Keto Adventure!

The foremost question people ask before starting the keto is, what is the perfect keto meal?

An ideal question to begin your adventure as it is going to change your life and health.

Many nutritionists have observed that the keto diet shows its effects in one month.

The start of something new is always tricky but the point is to stay motivated and give your 100%. 

The first four weeks of the keto diet are the challenging one as your body needs time to adjust to the new routine.

Stay with us as we have many suggestions to make things easier for you.

We have a full diet program to give you a push start for your first four weeks on a Keto diet.

Start as a Pro and Shine like a Star!

It is essential to set a date for your diet program. The first thing is to re-organize your refrigerator and get rid of all the food item which are not allowed in the keto diet.

Ask yourself a question that what is the perfect keto meal and get rid of high card food items.

Make a suitable meal plan for every week to make things easier for you.

Make a habit of reading product labels to check the ingredients, especially about hidden carbs. Do not wait for the end time to prepare your meal.

Do it beforehand and drink plenty of water to sustain in the phase of keto flu.

Discuss your doubts with your nutritionist about the diet and diet program.

Week 1: Take a Start!

While you are on keto diet, you must give your body full time in the first week to adjust it. Do not think of calories, and do not check your weight frequently while you are on keto diet.

Nutritionist suggests that the first week is all about listening to your body and your mind.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Eat Non-Starchy Vegetables:

It means to take cauliflowers, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables.

  • Cut out high Glycemic Food items:

Avoid bread, pasta, and rice.

  • Calculate your Proteins.

Consume only 15 to 30% of proteins.

  • Prepare yourself for “Keto Flu.”

The first week on keto diet means you may suffer from “keto flu.” You should be aware of the symptoms like headaches, fatigue, bad temper, nausea, and constipation. Drink plenty of water, and you will be alright in a few days.

Week 2: Stay on the Diet!

Now, you are getting used to your new routine. You are avoiding all kinds of pasta, bread, legumes, and even grains. Above all, you have passed the suffering of Keto flu.

You should:

  • Eat fruit once a day:

It is highly preferable to eat berries (but in a moderate amount). It is a must to avoid high glycemic fruits, like bananas and watermelons.

3 weeks keto diet: Almost There!

You have passed the first two weeks which means you have made it. You must be experiencing that your body is burning all the fat rather than burning carbs.

You must be feeling good and awesome.

Not that you have the experience of 3 weeks keto diet, it means you can test your ketones to see if you have reached the ketosis phase. For some reason, if you have not reached your ketosis stage, it means you must maintain your distance with carbs.

To improvise your keto diet, the following are the “Dos” to perform:

  • Avoid fruit:

You have been eating small portions of berries in the last week. However, this week it is highly recommended to avoid all kinds of fruits, even berries, to achieve the ketosis phase.

  • Increase in Fasting:

As you are on your third week of the keto diet, it is best if you fast for a full 12 hours between your main meals. It has already been discussed that you must avoid snacks when you are fasting. Do not forget that eating patterns may cause the release of insulin. In short, drink water as much as you can.

  • Drink More!

Water is your only dear friend when you are on a diet, and even when you are not dieting, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and body with just having enough amount of water. However, if you cannot drink a lot of water, start having coffee or tea.

  • Calculate and Check your Food Intake:

3 weeks keto diet means you a pro in making and understanding keto recipes. Now is the time to track your macros and start taking notes on your food intake.  You can download an application, or you can use a diary, your choice. However, do not track your calories.

Week 4: Congratulations!

Now that you know all the food items to avoid in a real keto diet plan, it is time you can listen to all the signals your body is giving. You are feeling better because you can see the transition by following a real keto diet plan. It means you are there, and now is not the time to stop. In fact, this is the phase where you should be more serious about your diet.

  • Back to Fasting for Four Hours

Now is the perfect time to achieve your ketosis stage by fasting for an hour. Nothing new, just avoid all kinds of snacks between your main meals.

  • Drink Plenty of Liquid

Hydration is the key to achieve the ketosis stage. Thus the real keto diet plan asks you to drink a lot of liquid, especially when you are fasting.

What do you think?

Written by Maria Faber

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