About Us

Hi! My Name is Jospeh Brown.

I’m Food Safety Expert and CEO of World of Healthy Food. My main goal is to add wonderful amounts of value to men and women in the fields of nutrition and fitness that creates happy and healthy life.

Generally on the web the major of weight loss advice focus on two hard almost problems: short term strategies and information overload. That not easy for everybody.

So, to overcome, these two problems we write and promote content that action oriented  and based on strategies that ensure your success.

In other way, I want you to take the action and all responsibility for your life, body, and health. Eventually without me.

World of Healthy Food it’s a Place To Find :

Our main purpose is to share recipes and valuable content for living a ketogenic lifestyle:

  • Develop meal plans
  • Healthy and easy recipes
  • Useful keto diet tips
  • Helpful resources

For a Healthy Food = Healthy Life .