13 Types of Food To Avoid on The Celiac Disease Diet

Getting started on the celiac disease diet can feel very overwhelming, and as you learn more about celiac disease and how to read food labels, you will likely be surprised to find that gluten is in a lot of prepared foods, beverages, and condiments. If you want to know which kinds of foods to avoid on the celiac disease diet, see below for a list of broad food types, with examples of each:

1- All Foods Containing Gluten

Including wheat, barley, rye, triticale, spelt, farro, farina, kamut, khorasan wheat, semolina, durum, wheat berries, and couscous. While oats are naturally gluten-free, make sure to check the labels to ensure there is no risk that gluten is added during processing

2- Breads, crackers, wraps, cereals, pastas, and baked goods

unless the label specifically states the product is gluten-free and no gluten products are listed in the ingredients

3- Snack Foods

like granola, cereal, and energy bars, chips and pretzels, candy bars and snack mixes often contain gluten

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Written by Maria Faber

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